The Harvest, 2021

In their newest body of work, longtime partners, Tijuana-based artists Mauricio Muñoz and Andrew Roberts collaborate for the first time to conceive The Harvest, a musical romantic comedy situated in an otherworldly and fantastical realm. In the pilot episode, presented as a video installation for their exhibition at Delaplane, Muñoz and Roberts play a couple of gay ogres hiding and living peacefully in the woods amidst a land where segregation between magical creatures is the norm.

Project exhibited at Delaplane, San Francisco and Salón Silicón in México City

The Harvest (Pilot Episode), HD Video, 12 minutes, extract. 

Having a flame with you

is even more fun than going to Middle-Earth, Narnia, and the Land of Oz

or being nauseous at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade

partly because in our blue, pink dress we look like a better and sexier Peter Pan

partly because of our love for each other, partly because of our love for butterbeer

partly because of the purple orchids that sprout between the rocks we split open in the mines
partly because of the pregnant ogre queens that secretly smiled
when the elemental fairies carried us into the fog

it is hard to believe when we’re together that purity

is anything other than a human-made parasite

an unpleasantly long-lasting technology

somehow dissolved as we drift back and forth between each other

so our bellies sweat and glitter to lull our fear to sleep

and we no longer care to wonder why in the world,
from the Southern Whispering Forest to the Northern Mountains of Death

anyone at all could place their gaze upon us and still dare to ask is this love?

* Written in dialogue with Frank O’Hara’s Having a Coke With You

Poem by Bernardo Núñez Magdaleno
Work in collaboration with Andrew Roberts


Photography - José Luis Venegas
Photo postproduction - Miguel Barojas
Text - Bernardo Nuñez

special thanks to
Jovanna Venegas
Alida Cervantes