A Thirst for Misery, 2020—2022

Through this new body of work, the artist finds in the early 2000s media portrayal of celebrity misery the roots of today's pleasure for disaster, an obsession fueling contemporary digital voyeurism and self-righteous social media patrolling.

So vain it had to be on a canvas. So superficial, just like the bidimensionality of a painting. So banal, and therefore a sudden urgency to make a lot of them. Stars having a melt down, just like acrylic paint melting into a gooey plaster. A theater of cruelty molded by the tabloids and sensationalist blogs we´ve been reading since our teen days. A thirst for misery: the climax of a series of unfortunate events that we´ve been eager to consume and enjoy.

Project exhibited at Best Practice, San Diego